Bizness Inc – Web Business Solutions Saving You Time and Money

Bizness Inc. is your Software-As-A-Service based company that provides a suite of Business solutions assisting you in all areas of software development from consulting to design (UI and database design) to coding to selecting hosting to deployment and training.  Offering end to end solutions (or turn-key solutions) allows you to let us integrate everything for you including your eMerchant Gateways for credit card authorizations for you to collect one time and recurring billing payments on the web.  We also offer software licensing to the following products that we sell and support:

1.  1 Click Post to All Your WordPress Blog Sites Lets you control all Blog Posts from 1 web location including auto posting to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts.  Create posts in advance and send them all out to 1 more of your WordPress sites even on a recurring yearly schedule that you control.  For  sign up and pricing info, click on this link:

2. BizSAS E-Commerce with Internet Sales, Estimates/Quotes and Inventory Management and Walk In Store Sales For Small Businesses. Click on this link for more information: International E-Commerce on shopping cart software for small and international firms     

3. Web Invoicing for one-time and recurring billing payments on-line.  Recurring Payments are collected automatically whether they reoccur: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly. Click on this link for more information: Recurring Payments on Web Invoicing and Billing Software
4. BizRAS Web Decision Support Drill Down Reporting with HTML Reports for Remote Reporting on all Web Browsers and Mobile devices.  Click on this link to for more information: Web Reporting
5. Donation Management with events, budgets and on-line reports. Collect one-time and recurring payments(donations). Set budgets per country and per year and allow them to be email to donors to see needs. Schedule internet(your people only) or external (everyone) events for people to register their attendance on line. Event registration fees can be collected on line! Click on this link for more information: Online Donations on One-Time, Recurring Donations, Budgets and Event Management with online attendee registrations

6. Integration Services: eMerchant Gateways Interfaces such as PayPal and Accounting Interfaces including QuickBooks and XML for External Accounting Systems.  Click on this link for more information: End to End (Turn Key) Solutions from Consulting to Design to Deploy Software and Hardware on Secure Fast Web Hosting .

Since the advent of the Internet,  information and communications has been greatly increased so that people now expect immediate responses. Companies and organizations have the opportunity to optimize their core business processes using a web presence. Bizness Inc provides these solutions as a service, so you can quickly start using these customizable services within days.

Bizness Inc’s White Label offerings allow you to have a site that has your own company’s look and feel with your logo, your caption at the bottom of the screens, your fonts and your colors. eMail or call for a demonstration to customize!


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